Monday, November 3, 2014

Hey guys. Long time no see.  I had the craziest months latelly.  I'm fine and stable but i am loosing lots of hair. I don't know what is wrong with me since i went to the doc and i'm not missing any vitamins or minerals. I'll add more exercise,  take off sugars and start taking zinc and biotin to see what happens. Any suggestion is welcome.
moving on to happier things, here's the make up of the day. Ideal for work and school.
I did some modest contouring. Put emphasis on the eyebrows. I wore tinted lipbalm from nivea. It looks like i had a lollipop.  I adore it. I put on water proof mascara, concealer and voila!
I was taking selfies on the bus. I wanted to be discreet, that's why i look so
have a great day everyone!  I'll be pisting more often! Stay tuned for the outfitt of the day!