Sunday, April 20, 2014

Worst mistakes when choosing a dress! ( spacial occasions)

Hey guys! good news!! I found a job!. It's not a big deal. It's temporary. I think I already wrote about it. As you can imagine, it kept me busy. I also have some really cool projects going on, so many places I want to go and things I want to do. It's reassuring. Some days at work, I feel like I'm wasting my potential and I hate being good at a crappy job. Then I think about my plans and projects and I feel so much better with myself. Even if I fail, I'll grow up and get a lesson. Time will tell.
Now that I'm over with the cheese stuff, let's talk about choosing the perfect dress.

I want to talk about the worst mistakes people makes when choosing a dress, because once you weed out the bad there's only place for the good, the great and the excellent.

Sin n1
Too many prints, details or fabrics

Less is more. Specially when you chose a fabric that already has it's own flavor (like sateen, velvet or sequined fabric). If you chose a printed fabric, you have 90% chances of choosing a bad dress, if you are in the 10% who made it right, you are a pro. But if you really want printed fabrics, i suggest something delicate and avoid animal prints. There's nothing wrong with them, but it's not appropriate for special occasions. And if you absolutely want a printed dress, it has to be in a normal fabric, nothing too shiny or hairy ( like sateen or velvet). The only time that prints and sateen work, are with kimonos and with traditional Chinese dresses. What do this two have in comun? they are very minimalist. With highly decorated fabrics you have to keep it simple and the dress has to be in that fabric only

For example: 

What makes this dress work it's it simplicity in design but highly decorated fabric. If you want a complex dress, chose a non decorated fabric and monochrome dress.

Why this dress doesn't work is because, first: that's a sateen printed fabric, NO, just NO. Sateen it's already shiny and smooth and pretty to look at. I just noticed there's a different print at the bottom. Too many details,pleats and... stuff. To fix this dress I would take off the black tull, I would use only one fabric, no prints and put the giant pleats elsewhere.
which brings me to the next sins.

Too many colors and too many fabrics

Matching two different colors, it's fine, fun even. Matching two different fabrics it fine too, it can add flavor to a garment. More than that, it gets harder to find the right dress and closer to looking like an overdressed clown. When the dress has different fabric, the best is that the dress is balanced. either little details as accents in one fabric, or top of one fabric and bottom of another. If monochrome,  better. When it comes to colors is the same, the colors have to match, the second color has to be more or of an accent, rather  than half the dress. I remember this school mate of mine wore the ugliest dress to her college prom. The design was good, a bit slutty for my taste, but she has the body for it. But the top was sequins, the bottom was composed of panels of different colors and black shorts under it. I would love to show you a picture, but i don't feel like shaming the girl, I would burn the dress or dye it black.

This dress is more complicated that what it looks, it has a lot of details. It works because the fabrics complement each other, lace and chiffon were made to be friends. I think a dress that has lace as an accent  fabric will always work. Another thing that makes this gorgeous dress work is that it's monochromatic, if u change the color of one of this fabric the dress will be ruined.

This one kills me, because I see lost potential. The design is simple, yet pretty. The fabrics are beautiful, but that blue band is too big. i would make it small or pink ( or the pink part blue)

Sin3 Oversized anything
Kind of self explanatory

This dress would be really awesome if ...that thing, was smaller or not there.It would be a simple dress, but effective.

Anything Lupita wears is awesome. nothing else to add

Sin n4
Going tooo simple

I am a believer that less is more, but going to simple is just boring.  You don't have special occasions everyday, so have fun. Even if going simple is better than looking like a clown, it's just so so boring. There are good type of simple and early 2000s tube dresses with spaghetti straps. 

I love friends, but i'm not friend of any of this looks.

Longer sleeves and zippers can improve a dress 

Sin N5
Don't overdue the sexy
There is nothing wrong with trying to look long as you pull it off. Sometimes the line between sexy and looking like a hooker can be thin. Checking out my friends prom's facebook pictures, I noticed at least 70% tried to look sexy, most of them failed. Specially teenagers. Young ladies, please, don't try to look sexy. Many of you are not even legal. Enjoy your youth, cause when you get older you will want to look younger. My best tip is to dress for your body type. You can actually hide you boobs and ass and still look hot and confident. If you show too much, you have to be  skilled to make it look hot. To wear cleavage or show your side boob, you have to be delicate, it has to be more of tease, rather than almost showing you nipples. 

I told you, everything she wears is perfection. Even if that cleavage is deep, it doesn't show too much breast, it looks sexy and a bit cute too. 

This one works for the same reasons as Lupita's dress, but also the fabric is elegant and the dress fits her like a glove.
This one works because it lets you imagine what's in there without revealing everything. 
I am in love with this dress.

Everyone knows this one already. It will go down to history for obvious reasons. I'm not her biggest fan, but she has worn better dresses, even with cleavage. This one show too much of everything. If you g to a party and people are waiting for you nipples to slip out, may be you should reconsider your dress.

This one is a big failure cause it looks like a fancy apron. Who knows, may be she does wear that while cooking . Who knows . may be, she wanted to make some statement about organic eating or something and she failed  cause she's disconnected from this world.  Statement or not, The bottom looks nice but she should wear a shirt on top of it or something, or a blazer.

Next week, we'll talk about make up and hair.