Monday, February 20, 2012

No make up n no dairy month

Long time no see, so it's the first week of the winter edition of no make up month and the second week of no dairy month. And hell is hard. What it is surprising is that i noticed the effect right away, my acne is going away. I still have scars n red spots but my acne is drying. I will be honest, i haven't stopped eating cheese . I did, however, reduced considerably my amount of dairy consumption. It is amazing how much milk and cheese one eats without noticing. I am a bit concerned about my bones though. Sometimes my right hand gets very week n reducing the calcium amount inside my body is a terrible idea.... so calcium n vitamin d supplements will become my friends soon.

So does dairy cause acne? i will say yes.

I've been taking care of my skin more than ever and drinking so much water, so everything ads up and it shows. Do i recommend to go vegan? only if you want too. This is as cliche as it gets, moderation is the key. No need to avoid the simple things you love in life, just don;t let them ruin your face, body and health.

As for the no make up week goes. Nobody notices. If they do, they r too polite to say anything. I would say nobody gives a fuck. Which is good. Some people did ask me in the morning if i was feeling ok. So that means i either look terrible in the morning or that i am amazing applying make up half sleep...or both.Probably both. I have some product reviews to do soon and hopefully some fashion to post. After all this is fashion geekness,not beauty junkies.... well make up and hair are essential parts of the fashion statement, so fuck it. Se ya soon people. my hand hurts tonight

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I started a food journal. it wont make much sence to suffer about not eating cheese for skin reaserch' sake if i eat cookies, candies and salty stuff  on the other hand. Another reason, is so i can see how much liquid i drink, if i have terrible bad reaction too x food  and to have a writen prove that my college is pro- anorexia and pro- dehydratasion.
Again, all this experiments i do, I will share them with you, so you can be aware of what causes acne to you or your friends.

It's been such a long time!!

shame on me. School has been killing me lately. That doesn't mean i didn't;t have my nice little blog at heart.

So many clothes to show, so many product reviews to do. I might even try doing some video stuff.... who knows. I don;t know a thing of editing.

But winter is here and you guys remember what i said last summer, no make up month will happen in winter too. I might do 3 weeks or 2, i don;t know, but it will happen.

I want so bad to post this blog more often, i hope school and work will allow it.


To make thing interesting  I have a couple of experiments to do, the first one starting tomorrow and it is

* drum sound creating intrigue and expectation*

No dairy moth!!!

it is the must insane self- challenge ever. If  no make -up month was harsh, this will be... revolutionary, intriguing, .... i don't know what bullshit name to give it. it will be a pain in the ass. I love cheese. For me to describe my love for cheese i need to make up some fancy word that illustrates love at orgasmic and cosmic levels.

Why am i doing this? u may ask. You, who loves  cheese so much and preaches the respect for food ?

Well, i have terrible skin. I want to see if not consuming cow related products will help.

Milk, yogurt and all that is awesome, but the hormones inside of it don;t react well to everyone. Not eating this type of products will make me realize how much i eat everyday and it will help me tell ( and my acne prone friends and readers) if dairy products and it's unnatural hormones are that bad for our skin or not.

After that I will try the no make up month again, right in the middle of the winter semester. This time i will be in contact with much  much more people than the summer version of no make -up month, therefore, different reactions. We will see, i promise to write every detail =)


So stay tuned , the blog will be back again =)