Friday, July 29, 2011

Hailee Steinfeld

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love how his girl dresses! her style is so ridiculously pretty. Teenage girls are so lucky now. When i was a teen ager the idols were Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus and it was the golden age of flashing vaginas to the paparazzi. I'm so glad those days are over and a bunch of classy teenage girls are here. Elle Fanning is another adorable cutie that dresses like a teenage lady.

Monday, July 25, 2011

White eye concealer = wtf!!! pandas! everywhere!

    Pandas are beautiful animals. Sadly, they are an endangered species and we have to do something about it. The extinction of pandas is a serious problem. Meanwhile, is not by having panda make up that this adorable bear will reproduce itself ( same goes for you, furries).
Wearing white concealer should be a crime. I take this matter so seriously that i will translate this post to all the languages I'm capable of. White eye concealer looks bad! Let me visually illustrate you the problem.
When you use this product you probably think you look like this:

But in reality you look more like this:
Do you really want to look like annalyne mccord?
and if you have a tan, you probably look like this:
Here is when I come and save my lovely readers and  friends ( may be you don't do this, but if you know someone that does, save that human. Or you can make your enemies sport the panda look....use as you want,I don't take responsibilities of the end result)

The solution is so simple that you should feel very very very stupid if you have panda eyes. Chose a mother fucking colour that matches you face colour ( I'm going to assume that you chose a good foundation, if you wear)you can go may be a shade lighter than you face color, may be 2, never more than that. Same goes for your face, pick a foundation of the same color of your neck. The market is full of concealed of all the colors, textures and prices. You chose the texture you want, . Make sure you blend that mo-fucking bastard well in your face, no lines, and you shouldn't be able to tell where it starts or where it ends, it has to gracefully blend in your skin.

Let me show you an example of well done make up vs. panda:

and eva longoria at some red carpet with human make up:

Do I make myself clear? panda make up looks hideous. If you have dark skin buy one with orange undertones and if you have light skin wear one with yellow undertones, never white, nor yellow or green.

Now you might be curious, why in hell does white concealer exist? Simple, highlighting. You can use it on your brow bone or the inner corner of your eyes, that's about it.If you are pale  and know how to bled you can use it to highlight your cheekbones and nose bridge. ONLY if you are pale.

Also you can rock  good old black metal corpse paint with you white concealer
Or you can be ablack metal panda
here are some cool products you should get:


bonjour le monde (3)

Emilie and I went downtown shopping. We went to this crazy vintage store with the coolest clothes ever. Is not even an expensive vintage store, but we got super lucky cause Emilie got tones of awesome clothes and a pair of vintage Ferragamo shoes that look very European 40's and i got this amazing pair of Patou shoes.
Emilie y yo fuimos de compras al centro y visitamos este negocio de ropa vintage con la mejor ropa. Ni siquiera es un negocio caro, Tuvimos suerte y encontramos un montón de ropa genial y un par de zapatos Ferragamo y Patou
Emilie et moi sommes allées magasiner au centre-ville et nous avons visité cette magasine vintage avec les vêtements les plus belles. C'etais même pas cher. Nous avons trouvé plusieurs choses et on a acheté des souliers Patou et Ferragamo.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bonjour le monde (part 1)

Make up i hate/maquillage que odio/ maquillage que je deteste

besides anything related to fake tans, i hate white eye concealer. People, you look like raccoon hookers when you do that. Wait till i show how. We all know someone like that. let's save the world from bad make up.

aparte de todo lo que se relaciona con bronceados artificiales, odio  el corrector de ojeras blanco. Gente, parecen mapaches prostitutas cuando hacen eso. Esperen a que les muestre. Todos conocemos a alguien que lo hace. Salvemos al mundo del mal maquillaje.

à part du tout ce qui se ressemble aux bronzages artifitiels, j'haïs les correcteurs à cernes blanc. Vous en avez l'air d'une raton-laveur prostitue. Attendez que je vous montre. On connais tous quelqu'un qui fait cela. On doit sauver le monde du mauvais maquillage

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quote of the day

(when it comes to make up) Is better to wear a birthday suit than a birthday cake

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer is here and it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot

Not my must creative look, but i had fun trying poses, b&w effect and the timer. I just love having 10 seconds to pose and go crazy

The batle of the orange- Guidos vs Ganguro-

All through history, fashion had different groups of distinguished people that wore all-inclusive the same. Like emo saying they are distinct from everyone but dress the same, and get the same hairdo than everyone else. Or hipster being not mainstream but wearing the must mainstream  glasses than everyone else is outfitting. We had the punks, the Goth, and everything in Japan.

Speaking of Japan, a lot of human beings remarked that Ganguros are the Jersey Shore from the land of the rising sun. I don`t affirm that completelly. Undeniably, there are some similarities, however as much as I despise the esthetics of this peculiar group of individuals, they are far better and more interesting than guidos. Right now, I introduce you to the my least favebourite fashion species in the entire world, and I feel the need to justify why ganguro is the least worst.

The battle of the orange has begun!

Ooops, that`s Victoria Beckham. The parody boobs, along with the fake tan confused me and I believed it was a guido with an slutty secretary outfit.

First of all, Guidos have no reason of being. Sure, a lot of fashion styles had no justification at all; except being amusing, make you feel powerful, sweet, elegant, rebellions, or any feeling you crave. Guidos look the way they display ... due to?eum...
They get their skin orange oompa-loompa style, waste a whole jar of gel and an customary of 30 minutes is needed to make their hair look spiky. Girls add some artificial boobs that looks like a  basketball cut in a half and kneeted to their chest like victoria Beckham.
I personally think that if you have to assault the laws of nature to get a look, you automatically   are inelegant. If you do not look like a healthy human from this earth, you are not eye-filling anymore. Besides, if you are going to spend money and time getting skin cancer to look like a pumpkin , at least go the full theatrical way , fabricate me some chocolate and wear a green wig. Certain, your super tight t-shirts have so many logos and elements going on, that looks like if I've taken some hallucinative drugs while watching transformers 2 and 3. Wearing mini tight skirts only makes you look like you got dress in the dark in three minutes and put on a belt and forgot the skirt. That only looks well if you are athletic, which for some reason guidettes are not. Enormous muscles made out of steroids just looks unpalatable. No bright girl would go for that. You know there is a problem when black metal people with panda make up look more natural than you without make  up.

Guido girl thinking she looks awesome looking like a brainless drunk duck. Or is a dude without the spikes?

As for ganguros, they also dress in displeasing bright-hued attires that looks like underage raccoon hookers, although they have a justification. More importantly, they have balls. They are Asian girls with bleached hair, and no Asian ( Indian, Italian,black and some latinas) cannot pull out white hair.Their skin is freakishly orange and sometimes brown like poop brownies. Their clothes are so shiny that makes it look like you are on a LSD trip in a flour color factory and they get stickers on their face. But they had the balls to go full theatrical, not give a fuck and get panda white make up.

White concealer, white lips, white nose tip. It's all wrong. But you have to have balls to carry that style . And if you are going to get orange and give yourself skin cancer, go the whole theatrical way. Besides this girls have a reason to be the way they are:Rebellion.
Kawaii is too mainstream and accepted to be uprising anymore. But ganguro is a kick in the balls to Japanese customs and rules. Teenage girls trying to be punk sounds more cliche than rebellious nowadays, so i guess this chicks are rocking the " scaring the shit out of parent and society" phase.
Ganguro girls don't care about getting guys with this look. They feel, smart and original and ,unlike guidos, they have the decency to keep this look only during  their youth and they stop being ganguros after high school. Basically, they are teenager having fun, Guidos are adults with bad fashion taste. Guidos are ganguros that just gave up.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Oh my!!!! I'm so in love!!! So after i wrote the last post i checked put some stuff on amazon and i totally fell in love with this little guy
Card Captor Sakura: Coin Purse and Wallet - Kero

It's a Kero wallet <3 and i want it. It's only 12$ . Right now I have to save money for college and other priorities, but this baby will be mine some day. If u are interested you can just click here
:Card Captor Sakura: Coin Purse and Wallet - Kero and i also found Luna from Sailor moon in here:


omf! i adore so much Sakura Card Captors. Best part of my childhood for sure. I remember from the first time i saw it, ( besides the fact that it was the best anime ever) that the dresses were awesome and that they change every episode, something uncommon for cartoons. Me and my friends used to dramatize Sakura and take the characters pretty seriously. I was permanently Tomoyo, and now it seems so crazy to have so many things in common, in the present day. I love designing clothes, i love sushi, food and music and making videos . ( I feel more Tomoyo from the anime, instead of Tomoyo from the Manga though). Anyways, I'm not going to compose debate on how awesome Sakura was and hoe euphoric it made me and bla bla bla ba. Just one thing. someday I'm going to be a cosplayer and this anime will be my first preference.

Ps: even the everyday dresses make me drool

Adoro tanto Sakura Card Captors. La mejor parte de mi infancia. Me acuerdo que la primera ves que vi ese anime ( además de saber instantáneamente que seria el mejor anime de mi vida) me enamore de los vestidos y que cambiaran en cada episodio, algo raro para las series animadas.Mis amigas y yo jugábamos a Sakura y nos tomábamos los personajes bastante en serio. Yo era Tomoyo, y hasta el día de hoy me sigo sorprendiendo de las características que todavía tengo en común con el personaje del anime ( no tanto en el manga). Me gusta el sushi,cocinar, amo diseñar vestidos y filmar boludeces. En fin, no voy  a hacer un discurso sobre lo fantastico, genial y épico q es sakura,ni  mi infancia. Miren los vestidos y babeen.Una cosa es segura, en una convención de cosplayers, este anime va a ser mi primera opción.

pd: hasta los vestidos de todos los días son hermosos
And she likes her dresses big and vintage <3 y le gusta sus vestidos grandes y vintage <3
Me hago ese en violeta ,seguro. I'll make myself that one in purple , for sure
I should make myself that cout before the dress, bunny!!