Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rose tea!

 This is my new magic possion: rose tea

i've heard coutnless times  about the benefic effects of rose tea and ,damn, it works.
I have terrible skin, i'm pale, full of red acne and now it's gone. The effects are pretty fast too. I broke out just on mid terms and when i ran out of roses. terrible timing. I bought more roses and the week after my skin didn'y have any acne at all. I still have some marcs, no big deal.

U can find red roses for tea at any tea store. U can prepare it like in the picture above , just boiling water and a bunch of roses. or mix one rose with a tea spoon of any type of tea u want ( buy loose leaf tea , by the way, those r the best) the roses will last longer and it's effective.

If u live in montreal, go to " my cup of tea" in chinatown, the teas are great and one of the guys working there is like a walking tea wikipedia and the service is great.

I hope u enjoy it as much as i do, u can drink it hot and cold and it's equally awesome

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cool haircut edition!!

Since i've seen this video i went nuts about it , Cool catchy song, good dance, sexy video.

But the hairvut one of the girls is rocking totally got me obcessed. A friend told me is a wig, but it doesn't change the fact the it's awesome

I cut my hair recently and my bangs are too short, but in a month ir two i'll be rocking a similar asymetrical hairdo ( just more adapted to my complex needs)

I'm back!!!

oh my fuck . It's been a while. Ive been so busy since school started. Now midterms are over and i will try to post at least once a week. I'll lear how to make bustiers and hats and i'll show everything to u guys.