Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's been such a long time!!

shame on me. School has been killing me lately. That doesn't mean i didn't;t have my nice little blog at heart.

So many clothes to show, so many product reviews to do. I might even try doing some video stuff.... who knows. I don;t know a thing of editing.

But winter is here and you guys remember what i said last summer, no make up month will happen in winter too. I might do 3 weeks or 2, i don;t know, but it will happen.

I want so bad to post this blog more often, i hope school and work will allow it.


To make thing interesting  I have a couple of experiments to do, the first one starting tomorrow and it is

* drum sound creating intrigue and expectation*

No dairy moth!!!

it is the must insane self- challenge ever. If  no make -up month was harsh, this will be... revolutionary, intriguing, .... i don't know what bullshit name to give it. it will be a pain in the ass. I love cheese. For me to describe my love for cheese i need to make up some fancy word that illustrates love at orgasmic and cosmic levels.

Why am i doing this? u may ask. You, who loves  cheese so much and preaches the respect for food ?

Well, i have terrible skin. I want to see if not consuming cow related products will help.

Milk, yogurt and all that is awesome, but the hormones inside of it don;t react well to everyone. Not eating this type of products will make me realize how much i eat everyday and it will help me tell ( and my acne prone friends and readers) if dairy products and it's unnatural hormones are that bad for our skin or not.

After that I will try the no make up month again, right in the middle of the winter semester. This time i will be in contact with much  much more people than the summer version of no make -up month, therefore, different reactions. We will see, i promise to write every detail =)


So stay tuned , the blog will be back again =)  

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