Sunday, August 7, 2011

Curls Curls Curls



The world has a weird reaction to curly hair. This is not a deep sociological study, but it doesn't make it completely untrue. After all I'm relying on personal experience from me and a bunch of other people. When it comes to hair discrimination, curly people and red heads have it worst. I think curly people have it even worst. You always see some red headed girl in magazines but not curly hair girl, may be black people, but never white people with natural curly hair.

Usual reaction to curly hair is, either people adore it and want to touch it, either people hates it or you never though about it. When you are in elementary school, the haters are more noticeable. Kids are demonic dicks that will make fun of you because you are different. May be 2 popular doucheys dislike it and the rest just jump in the bandwagon just for the hell of acceptance and conformity, may be many kids hate curls.  Somebody will tell you they like your hair and  you wont believe them or think they are those people saying nice thing to the pity .  Congrats kids, you just created a complex in little vulnerable human because you just couldn't deal with difference, way to go douchbag, don't be surprised if karma fuck u in the ass, must of my elementary school enemies ended up being teenage mothers. So people, teach your kids not to be dicks or you'll be a young grand parent or pay for rehab or you kid might end up in the hospital because some ginger or lion head girl beat the crap out of him/she. Ok, fatalistic end, i know, but is true about the pregger teenage enemies.


Do you have any idea how many girls and boys hated their hair and have low self esteem because the whole population of their world was telling them it's bad to have curly hair? I wonder if people with very thin ridiculously flat and greasy hair have to deal with this? I've seen those, but nobody told them anything.

As you can tell i have encounter many douchebags in my life. Moving into high school. That part of my life was divided in 2 parts, pre and post Canada.  I am from Argentina, and as fashionable as people is in there, they have low tolerance for difference. For example, skinny jeans are in, if u wear normal jean people will tell you you look like a clown, if they are nice. And they don't even have to be your friends, people in the street will point at you from the other side of the street and say something ( same applies if you have a badonkadong that is pleasant to masculine eyes) . So imagine being an ugly looking girl with curly hair in Argentina. Nightmare!!!!! people was all the time telling me to change n get my hair flat and shit. It was boring and annoying. And very hypocrite too, some people wasn't in position to judge. I don't regret it though. Not relying on your looks makes your brain bloom and flourish in creative smart ways.  I tell you, karma is my bitch. I still have a long way to go in this life, i have to finish college and all that, but those people didn't even finished high school. Don't rely on your looks people. I might be in fashion, but you need brains to rule the world.


The post Canada part is not long. I was 15 and Canadians are usually polite. The only people that ever told me that didn't like my hair were Argentineans that didn't like curly hair ( not all Argentineans are curl haters by the way) and only one girl said " i don't like curl" in shy way. I do have to admit that by the time i was here i learned to control my hair and all.

I did noticed, nobody in here has curly hair. Well they do, but big percentage of ladies and all emo boys get their hair straight. And i am all of enjoy originality.

Long story short, kids and teenagers are dicks and context plays a big role on how much you love you hair and yourself. I had bad experience with people, but fortunately not everyone are un-polite douchebags and a lot of people actually like curls and red hair. And brain, ladies, use your brain, a good comeback is always worthy when dealing with morons.

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