Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Curly hair

If there is something i know about, is curly hair. I could lose my memorie but i would still be skillful on curly hair. That is why i never go to hair stylist, they do not know a shit. Seriously people, if you have curly hair, learn to cut it yourself, or if you have a good hair stylist never let that person go.

Curly hair has two universal rules, everybody has different type of curls and those with straight hair want curls and those with curly hair will want straight hair. Also, bully bitches will make fun of your hair boucle awesomeness  and make your life in elementary school a nightmare. How come everyone in Canada gets their hair straight? so boring. I blame the media ( we'll get on that later)

This post will discuss a couple of things. First: how to treat curly hair. Second: the world and your curls. Third the media and  the curls. Forth: what to do when you don't want curly hair or want curls, but avoiding hot items.

The secret of awesome looking curls  is on how you treat it. I personally think longer hair is better than short curly, but that's  me. A lot of people hate their hair because they say their curls are ugly and have no grace.  Treating curly hair is a totally different thing from straight hair. You might want to try different techniques, because every person has different curls. What work for me might not work for you, but the products are always the same  as well as the basics. You ALWAYS have to comb your hair when is wet, always ,always, always and get you favorite hair product to keep them in shape, unless you want an afro. Nothing wrong with that. The products you should use can be gel ( it doesn't look wet if you apply it on wet hair) conditioner ( after you brushed it) or leave in conditioner ( i made mine : 1/4 conditioner, 3/4 water and lemon, all mixed in an spry bottle) that's my fave, leaves hair shiny,soft and when you shower you can pass your fingers through with no problem. You can also try oils. A lot of people use mouse, but in my experience it burns hair. Mousse is cool before doing a brushing or something like that.

 Once you apply you product you brush it and tap with a towel. The way you do this totally changes the curls ( at least in my case). I use a fine comb and tab my hair on the side carefully. You never shake your head on a towel, never,never ,never.  For more rock star curls ,kind of lion looking, you use a thick hair brush with separated teeth and you tab the towel from bottom to top and massage a little at the top of your head.  You let hair dry, blow dryer will only mess up your hair. Taylor Swift does it that way, i do it too and it works. Or you can forget all the towel science, get a hair product brush it and let nature work.

Keeping hair healthy will make better curls and it will look awesome.
If you want to cut you hair yourself ot if you go to a hair stylist take into consideration that curls shrink , so it will always look shorter than what it actually is and you never get ans straight cut because you will look like a chrismas tree

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