Saturday, March 22, 2014

Even if spring doesn't come, the only snow that will stop me from wearing a dress is jon snow !

Hey guys!!  it's been a few days. I've been feeling lazy. The cold makes me want to hivernate. I think mother nature is punishing canada for stephen harper's terrible environmental measures ( or lack of ) ( wow, i managed to make cold weather political)


Thursday I went to a charity event my friend was hosting. It was the perfect occasion to wear my new dress.....that i made all by myself <3 <3 so i was feeling happy to wear it.

So today is finally the other big event of the week where i get to wear my cocktail dress. Only bad news is that i have a freaking sty on my eye.  That is an extra to write about on my upcoming "how to look great in special occasions"

Meanwhile,  here's my dress and make up pictures ( i was running out of time, so i took pictures on the bus. Anything for my 2 fans....if i still have any. Lol)

If you guys play close attention you can tell one of my eyes is baggier than the other due to that damn sty. Bold oarge lips do a great distracting job ( besides looking great)

Here is the eye  make up

 And now the best part!!! DRESS TIME!!

LOL, the socks xD 


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