Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to dress like a lady in special occasions ( preview)

Hey guys! i'm finally here. I had a busy week so i had no time for posting , however i got a new job. Nothing fancy but something before i get my dream job.

It's been a week since i had my formal event. It was beatifull. The birthday girl looked like a princess and the turquase colour of 2013 still needs some time, cause it was the colour of the night and everyone was wearing it. I don't like this pantone colour of the year thing. If it suits me n i like it i wear it. I'm still rocking coral even if it's 2 years old. But hey everything comes back, so i'm actually 18 years in advance....


I wore  a teal/green dress, embroidery on the top, sateen on the bottom with a white bustier under it. I had silver accesories, including a hadband and a cluch. I forgot the bracalets. My hands felt naked.

For the make up i went old hollywood with a twist. I had an sty the day before, it went down a bit and it was easy to conceal. Instead of red lips, i wore bright pink. I think i looked younger than many of the teenagers there. lol. I don't like it when teens try to look older. U guys are beautiful and young, enjoy it!! However, some of those teen girls were so beautifully dressed that i have high hopes for the future of fashion.

So before I start writing how to dress and do your make up on special events, i'll show you how i dress on special events.

 On wenesday, I'll start talking about dresses.

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