Friday, July 8, 2011

Do's n don't from the same video

I just had  a major fashion crush from this really catchy song. But at the same time i had the equivalent of a fashion cock blocker. This video has all the elements to make me happy: tights,stripes and lace. All worn in terrible , eye pocking ways. I actually think all the clothes are from American Apparel, or how i like to call them "stripper apparel" . If u give me those clothes i would have came up with a more rock star look or more pin up or ... something that doesn't butcher my fashion sensibilities. But there is one girl in this video, Suzy, that is so extremely lovely that i just had to post about it ( and the song is pretty awesome). And the fact that I'm a fan of Suzy is totally not influencing my opinion( but u guys should totally see "dream high" if u like some good TV show) . So, the video is "bad girl, good girl" of miss a, so far the only one i know about this girls. I like how all of them sing,i wonder how their clothes on the other videos look like, but for now let's drool with Suzy's dresses( and the video at the bottom), get your paper towels ready if you love some dark sexy cuteness. So much at the same time, just perfect.This outfits just show that u don't need to reveal your boobs and legs to be seductive, besides , some mystery is always good.

Ps: Suzy just dresses awesome anytime, now she's on my top best dressed list

well... may be you can reveal a little, but it looks elegant when you wrap yourself on lace. You can show pictures of Suzy on a lace dress and see how many of your friends get a tent on their pants

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