Thursday, July 7, 2011

No make up month challenge is over!!!!

So i expended an entire month without wearing make up. It might not show on the pictures, but i have a bunch on pimples and acne scars, so i was pretty paranoiac. It sucked not being able to play with all those colors on face, i just like how make up mixes with fashion n completes a look.
 Basically, it wasn`t easy all the time, but it wasn't;t hard to forget.

People in Montreal jut doesn`t give a damn. Some girls did stare at me ugly , but no boys. Some boyfriends said that make up is over rated. My mom missed how i look with make up, cause she likes what i do, some girls from school said i looked pretty ( i sstill think they r crazy for not seeing my terrible skin) so yeah, for the girls that stared ugly at me, look how many fucks i give. If you are freaking orange don`t freaking dare to look at something that is not the floor, u should be ashamed. hey remember how in some posts ago a dude wave his hand at me right after seeing this girl with the must grotesque big boobs? charisma and personality makes u awesome,it doens't  matter how much make up you have on, or how ur features are, everyone gets old. If feel pretty you just won the battle.
In conclution, nothing really changed, but canadians are polite. I think all of you reading this right now should try this and tell the world what happends. because im sure this would have been a diferent experinece in Argentina

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  1. That's crazy, I don't think I could do it!!