Tuesday, July 5, 2011

90's vs now

I used to wear glasses before they went hipster mainstream and i got lenses when they weren't mainstream anymore. How cool am I?

   I remember the irritating brats at school ( meaning everyone) trying to change me and making me want to change my glasses for contacts and me always telling them to go play with their cavities and fingers . A couple of years later i decided to get lenses and not long after all the emos i went to high school to turned into hipsters rocking vintage glasses to the point where some people mix lenses with glassless glasses.....for some reason that blows my comprehension.

So, am i a fashion timing fail? A fashion pioneer that challenges conventions and trends for the sake of sheer awesomeness? ( oh yeah) people will tell.



I just find it amusing how a simple object  was considered to make a girl the hideous one in a movie and now it's super stylish

the 90's

"Oh no!!! she's hideous!!! mother nature didn't had mercy of this poor child! end her pain now!! let's take off those plastic boxes out of her face and let her hair cascade for glorious beauty and a date with a quarter back or something American teenagers from the 90s dig" 

"oh gorgeous!!! that thick frame look like two open black doors to Anne Hathaway soul, pants were wet today" 
yeah, those were imaginary reactions from different decades, what do you people think about glasses?you like them,hate them? what do you think about teenage American movies from the 90's as opposed to American teenage movies from today?

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