Monday, July 18, 2011

The batle of the orange- Guidos vs Ganguro-

All through history, fashion had different groups of distinguished people that wore all-inclusive the same. Like emo saying they are distinct from everyone but dress the same, and get the same hairdo than everyone else. Or hipster being not mainstream but wearing the must mainstream  glasses than everyone else is outfitting. We had the punks, the Goth, and everything in Japan.

Speaking of Japan, a lot of human beings remarked that Ganguros are the Jersey Shore from the land of the rising sun. I don`t affirm that completelly. Undeniably, there are some similarities, however as much as I despise the esthetics of this peculiar group of individuals, they are far better and more interesting than guidos. Right now, I introduce you to the my least favebourite fashion species in the entire world, and I feel the need to justify why ganguro is the least worst.

The battle of the orange has begun!

Ooops, that`s Victoria Beckham. The parody boobs, along with the fake tan confused me and I believed it was a guido with an slutty secretary outfit.

First of all, Guidos have no reason of being. Sure, a lot of fashion styles had no justification at all; except being amusing, make you feel powerful, sweet, elegant, rebellions, or any feeling you crave. Guidos look the way they display ... due to?eum...
They get their skin orange oompa-loompa style, waste a whole jar of gel and an customary of 30 minutes is needed to make their hair look spiky. Girls add some artificial boobs that looks like a  basketball cut in a half and kneeted to their chest like victoria Beckham.
I personally think that if you have to assault the laws of nature to get a look, you automatically   are inelegant. If you do not look like a healthy human from this earth, you are not eye-filling anymore. Besides, if you are going to spend money and time getting skin cancer to look like a pumpkin , at least go the full theatrical way , fabricate me some chocolate and wear a green wig. Certain, your super tight t-shirts have so many logos and elements going on, that looks like if I've taken some hallucinative drugs while watching transformers 2 and 3. Wearing mini tight skirts only makes you look like you got dress in the dark in three minutes and put on a belt and forgot the skirt. That only looks well if you are athletic, which for some reason guidettes are not. Enormous muscles made out of steroids just looks unpalatable. No bright girl would go for that. You know there is a problem when black metal people with panda make up look more natural than you without make  up.

Guido girl thinking she looks awesome looking like a brainless drunk duck. Or is a dude without the spikes?

As for ganguros, they also dress in displeasing bright-hued attires that looks like underage raccoon hookers, although they have a justification. More importantly, they have balls. They are Asian girls with bleached hair, and no Asian ( Indian, Italian,black and some latinas) cannot pull out white hair.Their skin is freakishly orange and sometimes brown like poop brownies. Their clothes are so shiny that makes it look like you are on a LSD trip in a flour color factory and they get stickers on their face. But they had the balls to go full theatrical, not give a fuck and get panda white make up.

White concealer, white lips, white nose tip. It's all wrong. But you have to have balls to carry that style . And if you are going to get orange and give yourself skin cancer, go the whole theatrical way. Besides this girls have a reason to be the way they are:Rebellion.
Kawaii is too mainstream and accepted to be uprising anymore. But ganguro is a kick in the balls to Japanese customs and rules. Teenage girls trying to be punk sounds more cliche than rebellious nowadays, so i guess this chicks are rocking the " scaring the shit out of parent and society" phase.
Ganguro girls don't care about getting guys with this look. They feel, smart and original and ,unlike guidos, they have the decency to keep this look only during  their youth and they stop being ganguros after high school. Basically, they are teenager having fun, Guidos are adults with bad fashion taste. Guidos are ganguros that just gave up.


  1. i like when you talk raw like that! so true. it is so disgusting to see, i can't believe they even like that - as for both.

  2. While the two subcultures are not bad in comparison, I have to point out that the ganguro phase hit its peak around the 1990s - it's a really archaic fashion style in Japan nowadays. That being said, it's almost embarassing to be out in public decked out in full ganguro (there's a more softer approach nowadays that can be seen in popular teen Japanese fashion magazines like Ageha, Egg, and Popteen to a certain extent), whereas the guido style unfortunately has yet to die out (maybe when they stop producing hair gel).

    Also, you said that the ganguro subculture manifested as a means to defy the 'kawaii' subculture as it's too mainstream nowadays; the ganguro style actually evolved from the gyaru/gal subculture, which also includes other kawaii subcultures (e.g. hime, kogal, etc.), to defy the rigid Japanese social system, not another subculture. Think of it as being in an oppressive, grey, concrete dystopia but parading around in a myriad of bright colours mashed together in a nauseating, obnoxious way.

  3. i never said ganguro appeared to top kawaii or something like that,kawaii is not rebellious anymore. I am aware that ganguro is originated from gyaru and that is not on it's peak anymore. I was just comparing both since a lot of people makes the parallelel between guido and ganruro, i just went a step foward