Saturday, June 11, 2011

Am I the only one that noticed this aberration?

I remember a couple of weeks ago when Justin Bieber launched his perfume, I saw the bottle and the fist thing i though " This is a lawsuit waiting to happen." First, it should be forbidden for an amateur person with no experience in perfumery to have a contract for  fragrance's creations. No matter how popular they are.I conclude his devotees will unconditionally   buy anything with his face on it. Going back to the main point.  Observe this picture of Justin Bieber's perfume bottle

Looks familiar? Anyone? ... Of course it does.It's Marc Jacobs' Lola.  A rip off of one of the must original perfume bottles of the last few years. The flower is severely similar, even the colors are the same.
How dare you, little douchebag, to copy one of the best perfume bottles of my generation?! Mr. Jacobs it's doing a distinguished job on his own, the world doesn't need a wannabe.Stick to what you do best: trying to emulate Usher. I don't wanna make your bank account bigger.  Especially by ripping off 2 great perfumes. Oh yeah,my fans, all 2 of you. You read that right.

Take off Nina Ricci's metal leaves of the bottle, add the  Lola's flower bouquet and you have Someday . I never though that 2 great perfumes would give Justin Biever as result....

I'm gonna give it to  Biever. He probably didn't even made the bottle. He probably didn't even make the perfume. He just put his face on the ad almost hiding Dree Hemingway.  At least she didn't look like Karlie Kloss. Btw , that freaking ad is creepy. The video one. The other is just stupid, too much Biever face for a girls perfume 

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