Thursday, June 9, 2011

My first post in my first blog!!! how exiting

Oh my fawk!!!  how exiting! It's been a while since i want a blog. It's finally here. I took that step. I still don't know how to start or what to do, but if i don't do it how am i going to know what to post? It's all about experience baby.
Anyways, here I am. I have so many things in mind.
I wanna post about fashion all around the universe. fuck yeah. If there's another life form in the rest of the galaxy i wanna be the first one to write about how that will influence fashion.
I wanna write about the past , the preset and the future. I wanna show the best fashion videos. I wanna show every fashion style and subcultre in the world. I firmlly belive that a real fashionista tries every style or at leats has knowledge about it. besides learning about new fashion cultures it's always exiting and inspiring, exep guidos, those douches don'tt know what the hell they r doing . Anyways, i'm slightlly tired tonight. Besides i have to persolize this blog a litle bit.

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