Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to remove mold from clothes

Not a very exiting post today, but very usefully. Today life just happened to one of my towels. Luckily it was just a towel and not my whole closet.                                                                                  I was about to get a hair treatment and i was looking for a towel.I found that my usual hair towel was lying in some dark corner of my basement with mold on it. I was about to throw it away, but that was just plain stupid. My mom wasn't home and my grandma lives in the other corner of the continent. So i consulted about the problem with my dear good old friend: the Internet.

So in case life just happens to your garment,here you have some tips  on how to remove mold  from clothing. 1st I'm going to tell you what i did and them I'll tell you about some extra tips i found.


-First of all, baking soda is the shit. You can cook, dry acne, absorb odors,get your teeth withe, clean stuff.  That shit it's awesome.

  I just boiled water, pour it in the sink with the towel.I mixed clothing detergent with the baking soda and wash the shit out of that towel. That was it. That was enough. You can rinse it with vinegar, since i didn't have any i rinse it with water and a bit of bleach.... stick to the vinegar. My blue towel has a lighter spot now, but if that were clothes,it's another story. After that you leave it on the sun for 2 hours.


-If you have a massive invasive mold on all your clothes you can wash it on the machine mixing 1/2 of baking soda with clothing detergent. 


-You  can also get your clothes on warm milk and back to the sun again (after rinsing)


- you can always try the good old brush and soap

- if you are crazy paranoiac or you have mutant molds from another planet you can also try some mold killer from the super market


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  1. the vinegar is also good for other stuff too. not only it is efficient there, but also if an animal peed on your clothes, to remove ammonia out of the fibres. also, it removes all bad odors, including mold and ammonia... but be careful - if a male made his territory on the piece of clothe, better throw it away. the odor is too harsh to disappear completely and it will cause damage to the fibres.
    for the soap, there is this old fashion soap called country soap you can use. it smells funny - smells old but not bad you know - but lots of kinds of stains will disappear. i turned stained white pants back to white with that. it's not miraculous, but it works. after when you rinse you can put vinegar :) in french, it is called ''savon du pays''.