Thursday, June 16, 2011

Simpler times

I just decided to not wear make up in public places and see how people reacts around me.

I love make up, it`s a way of self expression that also aloud you to hide blemishes and red skin. Such a versatile product. I actually started out of laziness. I went to work without make up the other day. My skin wasn`t looking bad and i work at a survey company, so i don`t need to look good.

It turned out pretty good. I was at a cafe during break sitting on those chairs that face the window and this girl with the must grotesque fake big boobs pass by. A group of black men where walking in the opposite direction with surprised faces and touching imaginary tits in the air, one of them turn and waves at me. Never saw him in my life....You might say, ``men are men, they like anything with a vag and pulse if an option``. And today at school nobody seemed to give a fuck.Btw, somebody tell Willy Wonka i found his umpa loompas partying with Canadian jersey shore, they are all at Lasalle college in marketing wearing fur in summer and shorts in winter. you know it's bad when even dudes wear more make up than you....  6 coats more.
Me after a make up-less day at school

Do you guys wear make up? too much? everyday? never? ever tried to experiment wearing make up everyday or no day at all?

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