Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yellow dress versatility 1

Accessories are wonderful. You can take such a simple, dull banal, outfit and bring it to life. For example, this stupid, annoying,slut,mythomaniac, whore, that i wish i will never see in my whole life ever again girl, has this dress, that looks like a summer yellow night gown. Being confused was easy. Accidentally, one day at a sale i bought this dress thinking it was a long t-shirt. I put it on over my black legging and i noticed it was  long, i got a black belt and a leather jacket and i tuned into a rock star. I tried some brown belts and denim jackets and i was bohemian. When i took all accessories off and i noticed it was the same dress that stupid fucking mythomaniac hooker with no style and no brains girl wore. Usually, i would freak out here. I hate when people has the same dress as me, but i pimp it out so well that it would not look like the same dress.  And like that, every outfit can have a totally different artistry with the right accessories. This yellow dress was an obvious example, giving the fact that it's the simplest thing i own.
Yellow dress and nothing else
So now i introduce you an small experiment called yellow dress versatility, just to show the wonders of accessories. 

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