Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Short post today

Today i don't have much time to post, i go to work in a couple of minutes ( you know what is not here today? Existent) I will probably be back later and i wake up early tomorrow. Now in the fashion world: I got incredibly exited about the Necomimi ears i posted about the other day.

Now i have good news and bad news, all in the video below.
 That's a 9 minutes video of random people trying the Necomimi. The good news is that the ears seems to actually work according to what people feel, which it's a huge improvement in science and i really want to see some development on that so we can have bionic human parts for people in need. The bad news, they don't look as beautiful as in the ad i posted a couple of days ago. As you can see, it has that plastic stick on your forehead that, i assume, reads or feels your brains impulses or something like that. Nevertheless, if this evolves into bionic legs, i doubt people will mind about some un-esthetic plastic sticks as long as they aloud them to do activities they haven't done in a while.
Now i leave you a hilarious video to enjoy, because bunny  ears are awesome too

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