Thursday, June 9, 2011

Here I introduce you to Lena Fujii and Vivi magazine

Good night my fellow humanoids. Tonight with a simple post to start with, I introduce yoU guy with my favorite model in the cover of my favorite magazine. I'm a big sucker for Japanese fashion and this magazine has not many ads and a lot, and i mean a LOT of awesome fashion. This a very trendy magazine for girls in their 20s early 30s. So if yoU were expecting for some Lolita action and hideous exotic gyaru stuff u better stick to the Internet :P 

No idea what the hell it's gyaru and lolita no worries, Belu to the rescue will educate yoU in the arts of fucked up Japanese fashion. I don't know any other country with such a big fashion industry that goes to such a big variety of fashionable extremes. If u guys know any country that's it's crazier than Japan, please let me know. I'll be exited to explore that. In fact, i dare u guys to find a country with very crazy fashion subcultures...not even, just any subculture that you think i should know about, let me know

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  1. The germans and the english have some pretty nuts fashion.. Just look at a Vivienne Westwood fashion show! Asia only appears crazier to us occidentals because their culture is so different from ours.