Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another perfume by another celebrity

Today in fashion news, Sharika is launching her second perfume. She states to have made the fragrance with help of an expert perfumier... but don't all celebrities say the same? I am ,personally, fed up with celebrities "perfumes." Stick to what you do best, popular people. Leave the perfumes to the professionals, celebrity clothing lines and perfumes are never as graceful , delectable and innovative as the those formulated by expert .I'm freaking severe when it comes to aromas.   
Question of the day: what do you, fellows, think about celebrities clothing brands and perfumes? Is there any that you think is worth it? What are your favourite perfumes in the entire world?  
I think Kate Moss perfume was not repellent, i found it by 14$ a couple of month ago and it was a fine everyday sent, i boycott celebrities stuff though. I once made an exception for Jessica Simpson. Keep the good job girl, your leather jackets are pretty cool. But i don't think there's a celebrity perfume that it's actually worth it. My favourite perfumes in the whole world are anything made by Kenzo, even the men's perfumes. Is such a perfect harmony  of aromas, freshness and  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  hard to explain with words. I wish i had enough money to buy them all. I really like Miss Dior cherie, Belle d'opium, the classic Chanel n5 and Chanel Chance, Coco Mandenoiselle , Very irresistible Givenchy and all the Jean Paul Gaulthier.....long story short, awesome perfumes i cannot afford. Don't you guys notice an after taste( or after smell) in all cheep perfumes? And is not a nice one. The first Paris Hilton perfume is all about that....nasty,ugly,low quality, just like her.  
Oh and I forgot Lola by Marc Jacobs

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