Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another day without make up and reaction around the globe

I went to a Goth club last night, the perfect occasion to rock some dark colored make up... it was hard not to do it. I felt a bit insecure on my way there, but after a couple of minutes i totally forgot about it and nobody seemed to mind. My friend didn't say anything at least. Today i visited the horrendous little town i used to live in. I saw a lot of people i haven't seen in a while, with that face you witness in the picture and really messy hair even if i did brushed. They didn't seem to care neither. If they do, they won't say a thing, ever.

(meanwhile in the world...)

the populace says that PEOPLE IN MONTREAL ARE critical, which let me tell you: if you grew up in Argentina, IT'S TOTALLY NOT TRUE. people in Canada will stare at you ugly if they dislike how you look, that's it ( i did got a lot of ugly looks last night, my friend said it was my Goth-ish dress)(not fuck was given about those looks) but they won't say a thing,in the meantime in Argentina they will let you know when you don't arrange like everyone else. 
I say fuck it! I remember getting my make up done when i was in Argentina and my cousin being like " we don't wear it like that here" and i replied " i don't wanna wear it like everyone else" she didn't got why i would do such a thing...

all this make up thing and going back to that town is making me think about people in my past a lot....not always a good concept. But that was the point, think on how they respond and get some refelxion on humanity.
Only reaction i got so far it's people not reacting in front of my face and reliving how my cousin did a couple of years ago.... So far it's a cultural matter

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