Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fashion news

-Beyonce is launching her third perfume. As cool as she is, she should stick to singing and acting. "Cadillac records" is such a good movie. Camon Beyonce, you can sing, no need for perfumes.  
-Boy scouts are going to have Eco-friendly uniforms. Which it's awesome. In such a polluting industry every green little thing you can do helps.
-Iran is will start training fashion polices.... literally, not "the fashion critic from TV" fashion police.The country banned glamorous haircut and necklaces for men. And for those who haven't seen "global metal" you can't have long hair if you are a men neither. Why not impose one haircut and call it day. Hair it's expression, let it be.
-Eva Longoria is in the cover on inStyle talking about her beauty secrets
-Justin Timberlake was supposed to be on the cover of Vanity Fair, but they replace him last minute with a picture of the royal couple,what a bummer.

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