Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm gonna meet with mon ami Jean Paul

Hello my readers, all 2 of you. I am so exited to tell you that i became such a big fashion blogger that now i hung  out with Jean Paul Gaulthier in the streets of Montreal ( I wish!!) I am gonna meet l'enfant terrible this wenedsdday because he will promote his new perfume "Le male" (Oli is gonna hate it, but he doesn't even rea this blog) as well as his new exposition on the Musee des Beaux Arts de Montreal. I am uber exited about the 2 events. I've been waiting for that expo since september.

I am oviouslly gonna tell u guys how it all went with my fashion idol. If anyone want to come with me, I'll be at The Bay at 11 ( where the event is taking place). So feel free to come and let's go as the must fashionable gang of Montreal, we are the Mont-royality bitches!... ok i'm writting more than needed.

Something tells me that some people will regret not reading my

ps: people comming, post some comments below =)

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