Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I love the 50's. I love young Marlon Brando and James Dean, therefore I love Andrew Garfield. They look pretty similar when Mr. Garfield gets his hair all Deany
 and khgorhgibs holly motherfuckingsexylitious!
Pictured above hollymotherfuckersexylitious Andrew Garfield

The other day I was reading Elle quebec and I crossed a Garnier ad of some random hair product. I usually could not care less since I DON`T BUY PRODUCTS TESTED ON ANIMALS  but the guys in the ad made me look ( damn you advertisers, finding ways to catch my attention) "Andrew Garfield!" i though. Them I pay close attention and I realized he wasn't the sexiest Spiderman to ever live, but a look-a-like. No idea if garnier did it on purpose, may be Mr Garfield is too expensive now? or it was accidental? No idea. I haven't heard anyone talk about it and i could not find pictures of the ad on the Internet. But here is one i took especially to show you.
Pictured above :not Andrew Garfield he would still get laid
The resemblance is there. Same hair, similar face, the mouth it's probably cloned. Those too could easily passed as brothers. ( if they are, i probably look so stupid right now)

Funny story, as i was looking for that ad on Andrew's look-a-like and i found an ad for "L'air" of Nina Ricci. And guess what? The model totally looked like Carey Mulligan

(At least in that picture) The model resembles much like Madame Mulligan  and a bit of twiggy. Them again, Carey Mulligan probably takes a lot of inspiration from Twiggy in her golden years.

Carey Mulligan
Now we have two look alike that look like 2 great young actors, and this two reminds us of a super influential model from the 60's and a fantastic actor, sex simbol and fashion revolutionary.

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