Monday, June 20, 2011

I love green tea





I have terrible skin,seriously bad. So I be

came a walking encyclopedia of economic facial that you can do at home.

The first recipe i want to share with you guys, it's so ridiculous simple  that it's...ridiculous.And super effective.

You will need:

sugar( a volonte )

1/2 cup of green tea


Honey ( 1 tea spoon)

Olive or baby oil( 1 tea spoon)

Lemon juice(1 teaspoon)


Apple cider vinager

Try to get the must organic ingredients you can find, the lest chemicals on your skin the better. Boil filtered water, mix half a cup of water with green tea and let the magic happen for a couple of minutes. The greenest the better.  Half a cup it's a lot actually, so what you can do it's divide in 2 the green tea. You choose how much liquid you want on each cup. On one cup mix the(luke warm or cold) tea and the sugar until you get some texture that you can hold with your hands and get it on your face, but still keeping it creamy. If you have oily to normal skin you can ad some lemon,if your skin needs moisture add honey and if you have sensitive skin add baby oil or olive oil. There you go, facial scrub, you can actually use it in you whole boy. I made least than that today and i got enough quantity for my face,neck,back and legs.If you don't want to use all at once you can leave it in the fridge for a week.

With the rest of the tea you mix equal part of this one with apple cider vinager and only apple cider, unless you want to hate yourself after that.

And there you have a toner, which it's spetially good for acne prone skin.

Don't forget to moisture your face after that with a cream that it's the right for your face. If you have acne, use a gel or creams with no oil.

Now, i'll work on my dress

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