Saturday, June 11, 2011

Useless features that will probably generate money

good very early morning ( it's 3 am  for me) Twilight:breaking Dawn it's coming somewhere this year,  along with the franchise arrives the never ending list of products. In October the world will have hair stylizing tools based on each character and with a guide showing how to recreate the characters hair style. Sick of not showering so you can have that dirty greasy fugly Robert Pattison look? Well, now just wait until October to get all that rat nest texture on you ( and hopefully shower more often). Your locks has too much attitude? Now you are going to  be able to have that " i just woke up and forgot to brush" hair-do that Bella Swan rocks. Who gives a fuck about those millions YouTube tutorials that help you reproduce X style with the products of your choice based on your needs and pocket, wen you can get some random tool, with a face on it and pay more for something that is not made for any type of specific needs? ...Them again, if sparkly cold dildo are being sold, why do i get impressed about some simple hair products?

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